5 Most Popular & Value For Money Fun Enrichment Classes For Kids

Kids are fast adapting to advancing technology. From the learning of alphabets and math foundations, kids as young as 4 years old are no strangers to extracurricular education such as programming. Despite the argument that it robs the fun out of growing up, parents understand the importance of developing children’s passion and hard skills early, so they can get a headstart over their peers.

👍 To achieve the right balance between fun and education, here are 5 most popular, value-for-money enrichment classes you may want to enrol your kids in.

#1 Robotics

Is your kid a budding technologist? Then it’s best to develop this interest as early as possible. There are several learning centres located around Singapore that conduct robotics workshops for kids from as young as 3 years old. These centres provide child-friendly, fun robotics education that your kid will surely enjoy.

👾  Children’s Worklab
👾  Robotics Connection
👾  WondersWork
👾  Thinking Tap Robotics
👾  Children’s Worklab
👾  Atom Robots
👾  Avenue Learn
👾  Null Space Robotics


#2 Baking/Cooking

Does your kid enjoy baking or cooking more than eating? If yes, then your kid might have the potential to become the next Junior MasterChef! Genius R Us at City Square Mall conducts ‘Kidz Can Bake!’ programme that will allow your kid to discover his or her natural talents in baking.

You may want to try send your kid to the ‘Weekly Self-Savvy Programme’ at The Little Things, where a variety of experiences and challenges such as meal-planning, food preparation (from the market to the table!), food cultures, etiquette, home-science experiments, home-crafts, presentations, and even the occasional team project await.

🍮 Genius R Us
🍮 The Little Things


#3 Speech & Drama

Looking for the necessary skills for effective communication? At Julia Gabriel Centre, your child will delve into a range of specially-designed Speech and Drama Programmes. Children will learn communication, problem-solving and group dynamics skills through an exciting medium of drama tools such as poetry, theatre, mime, puppetry, role-play, masks, storytelling, reading aloud and creative writing.

Alternatively, you can send them to Graces Speech & Drama Studio and let them have a shot at theatre play.

🎭 Julia Gabriel Centre
🎭 Graces Speech & Drama Studio


At what age do you think it is appropriate to allow a child access to a smartphone?

#4 Skating

How about letting your kid do more than just skedaddle around on two wheels? Skateline Kinetics promotes inline skating as a safe, fun and healthy lifestyle activity for all. Their activities and programs include skate safe campaigns, skate assist volunteers, charity skates, social skates and skate competitions for Speed, Hockey and Slalom. And Skateline Kinetics engages only professionally certified instructors. And it is not just any certification.

🚳 Skateline Kinetics

#5 Gymnastics

Does your kid demonstrate any flexibility or agility that you can’t even do when you were at their age? GymKraft is a place where everyone is able to come and master various movement-based activities. GymKraft is now home to a multitude of activities throughout the year, including Gymnastics, Parkour, Breakdance, Aerial Arts, Jump Rope, Cheerleading and more.

Otherwise, head over to GEMS Gym where they aim to provide the most suitable program for everyone. Their carefully designed curriculum equips children with enhanced motor skills, efficient body management, and be active for life. GEMS Gym believes every child develops at their own pace, and they have a broad range of classes for children starting from 3 years old.

🎽 GymKraft
🎽 GEMS Gym


😛 Water

Teacher: What is the formula for water?

Student: H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O

Teacher: That’s not what I taught you.

Student: But you said the formula for water was…H to O! 

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