5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Beer

Many people are fascinated with beer. Ever wondered why? Well, the exact psychology behind may be complex, so we’re here to simplify by sharing with you 5 interesting facts about beer. We bet you haven’t heard about these until today.

So read on and brag about it at your next booze session.  

# 1 Beer happened about 5,000 years ago

Don’t belittle the ancient people, particularly those who were alive and kicking (back) in Mesopotamia around 10,000 BC. During this time, barley-based and wheat-based beer were already in existence. Before the world today accumulated over 400 beer varieties, Sumerians only had 16 varieties of beer.

# 2 Pyramids were inspired by booze

Egyptians, the builders of the world’s greatest pyramids, were said to have been drinking more beer than water while they were building these man-made structures under the sun. The reason? Beer was safer to drink because their water back then was contaminated with bacteria. A good excuse, don’t you think? Well, this daily dose of booze apparently yielded good and gigantic results.

# 3 Water is the secret ingredient of beer

It is easy to be blinded by alcohol and forget that water is an integral component of this beverage. In fact, beer makers who know about this highly consider the quality of water they put into their creations. This explains why some breweries choose a location where pure water sources are in abundance. As it is said, good water makes good beer.

# 4 King of Beers: Westvleteren 12

Beerlovers have spoken and they all agreed that the best beer in the world is Westvleteren 12. It has existed since 1940 and has an alcohol content of 10.2%. If you’re the dark beer type with a taste for chocolate, this one is a dream. It is brewed by Belgian monks at a monastery and carries with it a distinctive no-label and yellow-cap look.

# 5 Chill beer in a presto!

We reserved this final spot for a beer hack that every beer drinker should know: how to chill a beer like a man. The secret? You don’t need a freezer. Just a bowl where you can put beer, ice, and salt together. Stir until you’re convinced that it’s chilled. It takes no more than two minutes – simple and fast, just like how beer should be taken.

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