5 New Fitness Trends You Haven’t Tried

Nine months into 2018 and your workout routine becomes more and more tiring than it used to be. Don’t let the workout fatigue get to you. Spice up your workout days and make it more exciting with these awesome fitness trends. They’ll get you breaking out of that plateau in no time.

#1 New fitness apps to get those muscles and abs

Smartwatches and fitness trackers have been around for a while and are highly patronized by smartphone users. However, new fitness apps are slowly making its way to the fitness sphere due to its convenient and customizable features. One example is Sworkit, a popular app for those who do not have the luxury of time to go to the gym. You can tell it what areas you want to focus on, how much time you have, and leave the rest to Sworkit to give you the optimal workout you deserve.

#2 Reach for new heights with a Versaclimber

Versaclimbers or versatile climbers were wildly popular 80s fitness tools and now, they’re bringing it back as its proven effects can withstand the test of time. Built to give an intense workout to your shoulders, torso, hips, legs, the versaclimber can burn your fat and calories like no other. This almost-vertical contraption is made to make sure that you can easily maneuver your pace while giving the least strain to your joints. Sounds easy? Give it a shot and let us know!

#3 HIIT those #BodyGoals

If you haven’t tried what could be 2018’s most popular fitness trend, then now’s the time. High-intensity interval training is a popular routine for those who want to shed a lot of calories in a short amount of time. By doing an all-out workout for a short period of time followed by short periods of rest, you can train your endurance and metabolism. Step up your cardio workout to the next level if you’re up to the challenge!

#4 Functional fitness for a fabulous form!

Get fit with this innovative and efficient fitness trend. Functional fitness training is for those who want to stay fit by simply doing daily activities. Its goal is to prepare you to safely exercise as you use your time wisely to stay in good shape. Make chores such as hanging the laundry or vacuuming the house more productive than it already is. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

#5 Yoga wheel into your feels

Yoga wheels have been circling around Pinterest for a while and has undoubtedly become a popular exercise prop. Yoga practitioners have already incorporated these into their daily exercise as it’s known to be very versatile in its functions. From stretching, releasing tension, and achieving better flexibility, the yoga wheel is surely a well-rounded device to keep you in good health. It’s safe for all whether you’re a yoga pro, an athlete, or just a regular guy into fitness.

It’s never too late to try out new things, especially when it comes to your health. So why not give some of these a shot and see for yourself if it works?

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