8 Best Weight Loss Drinks To Include In Your Diet

Weight loss can be a daunting process especially for those who lack patience and discipline. Sadly, that’s the way to lose weight – persistence, obedience and sacrifice. But there are ‘cheats’ that can speed up weight loss; one such way is with weight loss drinks.

🍵 Here Are 8 Best Weight Loss Drinks To Include In Your Diet

#1 Black tea
Antioxidants are best for weight loss and black tea is is the leading source when it comes to antioxidants. This drink is high in polyphenols that help trim down body fats. Drinking black tea also reduces calorie intake. According to studies, continuous intake for three months can yield good results in your body weight.

# 2 Apple cider vinegar
Insulin from sugar-infused food and drinks can cause weight gain. The best defense against insulin is acetic acid, which is a prominent compound found in apple cider vinegar. Aside from weight loss due to decreased insulin levels, drinking an apple cider can improve metabolism and keeps you feeling fuller throughout the day.

# 3 Vegetable juice
Drinking vegetable juices especially those that are low in sodium is an ideal pair for your low-calorie diet. It speeds up weight loss as opposed to a pure solid-food diet. Studies show that people who consume vegetables substantially loses appetite for carbohydrates, thus contributing to weight loss.

# 4 Water
There’s nothing more basic and reliable than drinking enough water everyday to reduce weight. Research says it is most effective when you drink a glass of water before taking meals. It will keep you full and thus keep you from unwanted craving.

# 5 Mint tea
Mint tea has been proven effective in suppressing appetite, according to nutrition experts. It’s a natural drink wonder that tastes as good as how it smells. And it’s effective both ways – as a drink or as a scent.

# 6 Celery drink
Eating or drinking celery helps improve lipid metabolism and lowers bad cholesterol levels. It is also known as a negative calorie food because it requires much energy from your body before it gets fully digested and absorbed.

# 7 Lemon water
Lemon helps in body digestion, flushing out toxins and serves as a good de-bloating fluid. It targets your internal health which yields lasting benefits for your body.

# 8 Cinnamon and Papaya drink
Cinnamon and papaya is a power duo that fights unnecessary weight gain. Papaya improves gut health and lowers cholesterol levels while cinnamon ensures your blood sugar levels do not overshoot and add to your pounds. On top of this, cinnamon also improves brain function. Enjoy a refreshing drink while you keep your body and mind in perfect shape.

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