Our Top 5 Cafe Picks That’s Conducive For Work

Singaporeans lead hectic and busy lifestyles. Oftentimes, the hustle doesn’t stop even outside of their 9 to 6 jobs. Having short breaks is crucial, but having the convenience to switch easily between a break and work is even better. This is why we have come up with a list of cafes that are great for getting work done, yet provide energy and comfort at the same time.  


Most work demands good food and a comforting ambience to get it done. Oriole Coffee and Bar offers both with their specialty coffee and hearty meals that can keep your senses awake. A good companion for an all-nighter is a bottle of Taisho, their signature, in-house cold black coffee made extra rich with dairy (or non-dairy) milk. It’s distinct, homemade taste will keep your brain cells working especially when you take it with Oriole’s huge and meaty Truffle Burger.

By dusk, Oriole transforms into a classy bar that extends to their bustling, al-fresco sitting. Drop by if you wish to beat your deadlines ‘til the last minute with a little sip of Hendricks Gin or Tonic. It’s also good to order a bucket under $40 if you’re planning a late-night group meeting slash booze session. Oriole’s central location at the Orchard adds to the appeal of the whole place, creating a warm community for both individuals and groups.

Insider Tip: Bring your own cup to the cafe when you order a takeaway drink and save 50 cents off. It’s an intangible contribution for Mother Earth, too!

Opening hours:
8am to 11pm (Sunday to Thursday & Public Holiday) 8am to 12am (Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday)


Who can resist the temptation of working on a 24-hour cafe equipped with free WiFi and power plugs? Coffeesmith is a place that should pop into your head when you need to work on the go. You may also find the place familiar as Coffeesmith in Korea was once used as a location for several Korean drama series.

Over at Orchard Central, Coffeesmith serves crafted coffee using Arabica beans, and refreshing beverages ranging from ice blended frappes to yoghurt drinks and snowflake shakes topped with enticing fresh fruits. For a quick boost of energy, pair them with some equally irresistible desserts. There’s an all-time favorite Crepe Cake or a Rainbow Cake if you plan to linger. Or, if you’re going to bring home some work, might as well take away some Sunday Brownies, Cappucino Waffles or Honey Baguette. Each sold for less than $15, these pastries will keep your tummy satisfied until you finish your final task for the day.

Insider Tip: Check out Coffeesmith’s “salad of the day”. It might surprise you in a good way!

Open 24 hours 
Free wifi: Yes 
Power plugs: Yes


If you’re near Northpoint Shopping Centre and looking for something tasty to fill your stomach while you wrap up clients’ work, Xin Wang Hong Cafe is a good choice. People especially love dining here at night, when you can just relax after the rush hour over Hong Kong’s finest cuisines. They specialise in dishes that combine the contemporary and the traditional way of Asian cooking. This culinary passion resulted to 186 food items in their menu!

Experience the comfort of eating Seafood Curry with Rice or reward yourself with their notable Ham Ying Yong Sauce Spaghetti. This unique dish is famous for its tomato and cream sauce made more flavourful with Hong Kong’s popular beverage, Yuan Yang.

Get transformed from exhausted to refreshed in an instant as you try out these authentic dishes at Xin Wang. It’s exactly what you need to get things done.

Insider Tip: It is said that over 3 million bowls (and counting) of Pork Chop & Egg Papaya Soup Bee Hoon was sold at Xin Wang. There’s no reason not to try out this famous broth!

Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs: 11AM-11PM | Fri & Eve of PH: 11AM-2AM | Sat: 9AM-2AM | Sun & PH: 9AM-11PM
Free wifi: Yes
Power plugs: No


Nun Song Yee Korean Dessert Cafe is the timely break you need to cool you down in the middle of a stressful day. They offer favorites like Korean rice cakes, signature toasts, and a selection of mouthwatering Bingsu. For starters, there’s Injeolmi Bingsu – a must-try bestseller. Sweet and chewy mochi and sliced almonds are generously tossed on top of “light shaved ice” (which is actually pure milk) to make every spoonful of this dessert heavenly. Bingsu servings are good for sharing, so it’s perfect for those steamy, brainstorming sessions with your colleagues during or after work – and yes, even on wee hours. The most recent branch at Bugis is open 24 hours a day and is equipped with three levels of dining space, including an outdoor sitting area.

Insider Tip: The owners of this dessert cafe came from a family of seasoned farmers who specializes on rice grains and beans, so you can bet they make the best Korean rice cakes in town!

Open 24 hours
Free wifi: Yes

Power plugs: No

dal.komm COFFEE

A conducive dining (and working) space is on top of the list for most working individuals. Dal.komm Coffee seem to know this well and did the necessary styling for their more than 160 outlets across South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. In fact, one of their branches in South Korea was once chosen as a set for the popular Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun.

But aside from its aesthetic advantage, dal.komm Coffee is patronised because of its personalised coffee creations, refreshing fruit teas, and tasty confectionaries. Here, you can enjoy the liberty of choosing among three varieties of coffee bean flavors – ranging from nutty, citrusy, to intense, depending on the demands of your day.

If you’re going overtime to finish reports, a Honey Toast or an egg and butter-rich bread known as Grilled Chicken Brioche can keep you energized. On top of it all, the dessert options are reasonably priced – with not more than $10 for regular servings.

Insider Tip: dal.komm Coffee at Centrepoint is 3000-sq meters, with an intimate area at the back which can be booked and cordoned off for private events or company meetings.

Opening hours:9:30AM-10PM
Free wifi: Yes
Power plugs: Yes

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