10 Bang-For-The-Buck Supermarket Buys

When it boils down to selecting which items to go on the grocery list, even the simplest items have to be taken into consideration. It is important not to overspend even on the small items, as most of them are the sneaky culprits of the overall damage done to your wallet.

This is why we have picked 10 Supermarket Buys that will give you value for your money and serve as cheaper alternatives whenever you decide to do a little shopping.

#1 MYOJO Ramen Charmee 5s’ ($2.10 @ Giant)

We all know that everyone loves instant noodles. Though not the healthiest, it is definitely one of the yummiest. If you are a fan of spicy food, you should definitely try these spicy Indonesian fried noodles. The tantalising spice and savoury noodles make a great supper when you’re peckish.

#2 OREO Sandwich Cookies Original 9s’ ($1.95 @ Cold Storage)

The default go-to for munchies, oreos seem to bring joy to the masses. Most of us are familiar with the slightly bitter chocolatey biscuits and sweet vanilla cream that go superbly well together. To get 27 oreo cookies for under S$2 is a really good deal, won’t you say?

#3 OKOME Japanese Rice 4.5 kg – Short Grain ($12.90 @ FairPrice)

Rice is a staple in almost every Asian country, including Singapore. Our favorite meals will not be complete without it and some are even made just for rice! While Japanese rice can be expensive, this one has value for money so you don’t have to spend a lot to match rice with your meals.

#4 MARIGOLD HL Bottle Milk 2L – Fresh Milk ($5.65 AT FairPrice)

You can never go wrong with drinking milk for your daily calcium needs. That is why we need to always have some milk around the house. Usually, a litre of milk will cost you about $3.60 on average and two litres can cost up to $7.20 or even more, but with this one, you can get two litres for under $6! Keep your bones healthy while saving money.

#5 MARIGOLD Peel Fresh 1L – Ujicha Yuzu Green Tea ($2.10 @ Cold Storage, 2 for $3.65)

Freshen up your afternoons with some green tea. This ready-to-drink tea is made of yuzu, a rare citrus that comes all the way from Uji, Kyoto. It is sure to renew your energy during middays. Give it a try and soon it will be a fast favorite. Get a litre for $2.10 and if you’re up to it, get two litres for $3.65.

#6 Tiger Radler Beer Lemon 6s’ ($9.90 @ RedMart)

Loosen up after a long day’s work with some beer. With Tiger Beer’s newest variant, Tiger Radler, you can relax in the evening while enjoying refreshing fruity flavors that is deeply rooted in beer that we all love and enjoy. For less than $2 a can, the Tiger Radler comes in Lemon and Grapefruit flavors.

#7 Tempura Chicken Nuggets 800g – Original ($5.95 @ Giant)

Get a quick fix of snacks with these fast and easy to cook chicken nuggets. These crispy bites are even cheaper than your regular fast food nuggets. With less than $6, these nuggets will surely get you crunching in no time!

#8 Honey Baked Ham 200g ($2.80 @ Giant, 2 for $3.45)

Ham has always been one of our favorite foods, aside from its sweet and sometimes smoky flavor, it is very easy to prepare. Now, to make it easier on your wallet, this ham has been made super affordable without the affecting the quality. You can even buy two for less than the price of one 200 gram ham from other stores! What a deal!

#9 DOUX Chicken Franks 10s’ ($1.70 @ Cold Storage)

Complete your daily lunchboxes for school or work with these trusty chicken franks. This versatile frozen food is also perfect as an afternoon snack, a main dish, and even party food. Get ten pieces of these nutritious franks for one of the lowest prices in the market.

#10 Spring Home Roti Paratha 5’s – Plain ($2.40 @ RedMart, 2 for $3)

Another one of our local favorites is roti prata, and did you know you can have them ready-to-eat? Heat, serve, and enjoy everyone’s favourite Indian offering without going through the trouble of making one. Get your meals started with an all-time classic Indian flatbread that is simply delightful while not making a dent in your wallet.

Pinching your pennies doesn’t mean you have to give up on the quality of your basic necessities. A smart consumer such as yourself should just always keep a watchful eye on products that are cheap, but also get the job done.

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