5 Ways to Make Luggage Packing Easier

Making smart decisions is the key to a fun trip – and it starts before your flight with luggage packing.

Some would advise to pack light, but it is equally essential to pack smart. What needs to go into your luggage? How do you stash them in and how can you do all these in an efficient manner?

Here are 5 amazing ways to make luggage packing an easy chore.

Pack with a Plan

You went home from your trip and realized you didn’t touch half of the clothes you packed. Ever had such a story? The trick is to plan ahead; think about your itinerary/activities, match it with an outfit (top, pants, shoes, accessories), then pack them in. Avoid packing clothes or items just because ‘you might need them’. As one traveler advised, always be realistic when packing. This will save your time and energy for the more important part – your trip!

Did you know? A couple once travelled to Morocco for nine days and brought only two carry-on baggage with them. They survived!

Pack It All In, Then Eliminate

If planning ahead doesn’t work, you can try the “All-In” approach. First, pack all the items that you think you need. From there, remove half of it from your luggage. This will give you time to think twice about each item and keep what you really need. You’ll have all the essentials with you before the extras.

Did you know? Travelers prefer choosing a hard-case luggage as it keeps everything compact – including your packing.

Think, Pack Creatively
Sometimes, it’s hard to pack because you think every single item is important. The solution is to buy multi-purpose items. You can buy pants that can be worn as shorts, or jackets that you can use as a travel pillow. Think how one essential can transform into another. Another example is downloading an ebook instead of bringing a physical copy. Remember, thinking creatively will save you extra baggage costs!

Did you know? Rolling clothes over (instead of folding them in) is a space saver. Do this with your multi-functional clothes and see how much space and effort you’ll save!

Follow Proper Layering

Make your luggage look professionally packed by following simple steps of layering. Place your shoes (heels facing each other) at the base of your luggage. Then, add on heavy items like jeans and jackets. Afterwards, put in your shirts and undergarments, including the clothes you need to hang upon arrival. Lastly, put your toiletry bag on top. Easy, right? Knowing the smart order of what should go into your luggage first will make packing less frustrating.

Did you know? You don’t need an extra pouch for your socks. Pack them inside your shoes instead!

Countdown from 5 to 1

If you think you’re bringing too much or packing too light, how about bringing items according to number? Bring no more than five sets of socks and underwear, four tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes and one hat. This 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 pattern works best for week-long travels. You can play on the numbers (and on the type of items) depending on your travel itinerary. The goal is to keep your luggage manageable and easy to pack/unpack.

Did you know? Packing aids are available to your rescue! Invest on some color-coded packing cubes, zippered pouches, snack-size plastic bags, and travel kits to organize toiletries, jewelries, and other nitty-gritty items.

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