6 Best Philippines Islands to Check Out (Other Than Boracay)

The Philippines remains a top destination for paradise seekers with over 7,000 beautiful islands spread across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The question is, have you ever been to one? Well, it’s good to book your flight now before the -ber months get colder.

Here are six hidden gems to explore in this tropical country:

# 1 Bulog Dos Island, Coron, Palawan

There are many islands to explore in Palawan.  But if you’re looking for an intimate paradise experience, visit Bulog Dos Island in Coron. Here, you can take your time as you walk along a white sandbar and admire the natural rock formations around. The contrast of white sand, blue waters, and solid rock colors are hard to miss. Don’t forget to try snorkeling to enjoy the healthy marine life under. You can explore this little paraiso of Visayas in less than five minutes but you are free to stay for as long as you want.

# 2 Calaguas Islands, Camarines Norte

You’ll find a paradise in Luzon by the name of Calaguas Island. Known as the “Boracay of the North,” this 3-km stretch of white sand island will keep you still with its calm waters and quiet surroundings. Many travelers see it is an ideal place “to reconnect with yourself.” One of the beaches in this island, Mahabang Buhangin, is nestled in a peaceful cove in the Pacific Ocean and is perfect for sunset viewing.

# 3 Britannia Group of Islands, Surigao del Sur

Britannia Group of Islands is Mindanao’s pride. It consists of 24 islands that are all unique and worth exploring. Travelers suggest starting with Boslon Island, Naked Island, and Hagonoy Island. Boslon is known for its bluish green waters and offers overnight camping. If sandbar is your thing, Naked island will mesmerize you; while Hagonoy will cradle you under its refreshing palm trees after soaking in the waters.

# 4 Bonbon Beach, Romblon Island

Bonbon Beach is a privately-owned beach in Romblon Island where you can enjoy seamless selfies – and a sandbar by yourself! There are no commercial establishments or activities around which leaves you to your own space and exploration. You will see crystal clear waters everywhere. During low tide, you’ll discover that the sandbar actually links Romblon Island to another beautiful island in Visayas. Travelers love using their drone to capture such a spectacular view!

# 5 Seco Island, Tibiao, Antique

Paradise can never get as raw as Seco Island. Found in the province of Antique in Visayas,  this 1.5-km powder-fine sand bar is often compared to Maldives. The local government is keen in keeping the waters of Seco island unspoiled along with its rich marine resources. Catch a beautiful sunrise from a boat while you watch white dolphins move in their natural habitat. Go snorkeling and swimming to complete the experience. This paradise will fill you with its wonders.

# 6 Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte

Visayas has many hidden treasures and one of them was discovered last 2015. Today, it is known as Kalanggaman Island. The name of the island came from the Cebuano word “langgam” which means “bird.” It spans one kilometer and has two fine sand bars on both ends, resembling a bird in flight. Everyone who’s been to this paradise would say the best features are its turquoise waters and raw beauty. No loud music is allowed to preserve the serenity of the place. After a day of soaking, witness a beautiful sunset at the western side of the island and go stargazing at night.

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